我应该’我听了他们说的话“Go the extra mile.”

上次我在西方国家内格罗斯(Negros Occidental)时,大部分时间都在巴科洛德(Bacolod)上燃烧,然后一直向南延伸至Cauayan市。那时我是一个旅行新手,只对显而易见和受欢迎的东西感兴趣。那时,我听说过西帕莱市。当地人一直在提起它,敦促我们为它腾出时间。“You’如果您已经在考阿扬(Cauayan),您不妨参观Sipalay。” But because it didn’敲响任何众所周知的钟声时,我将其扫过地毯,将发现的任何东西放在舒适区域之外。

It’s been six years since that trip. 西帕莱 City, the jewel that sparks a lot of pride in the heart of the locals, remains an obscure dot on the tourism map of the Philippines. I still felt like I knew nothing about it. So when the soles of my feet touched Negros Island once again, I knew I was in for a surprise. It was time to finally go that extra mile. And that extra mile was so extra! 西帕莱 is phenomenal.

Understanding 西帕莱 City


西帕莱 ’s economy was fueled mostly by sugar and mines, but it is slowly shifting to one that is driven by tourism. Budget and upscale resorts are sprouting in every nook and cranny of its splendidly crumpled landscape. Dozens of small rainforest-carpeted hills guard its coast, hiding a stretch of white and golden sand in between. Visitors are here for the beaches, and in 西帕莱 , there is no running out of them.

这里 are some more facts you might want to know:

  • 语言:希利盖农(Ilonggo)。英语被广泛理解。
  • 货币:菲律宾比索(PhP)。 PhP100 = 2美元,1.65欧元,22000韩元,218日元
  • 付款方式: Cash. We found one ATM (Landbank). 如果你’re coming from 巴科洛德 你呢 need to withdraw, do so in 巴科洛德 . A few resorts accept credit card, but cash is still preferred.
  • 电力:标准电压为220V。标准插座为A型(两个引脚)。

When to Visit 西帕莱


However, bear in mind that December and the March-May periods are also peak seasons so expect the crowd to balloon. June is the start of the rainy season. Thankfully, 西帕莱 is out of the usual typhoon path and it is rarely gets direct hits.

How to Get to 西帕莱

The 巴科洛德 -Silay Airport is the gateway to 西方黑人, which 西帕莱 is part of. From 巴科洛德 , the capital, it’仅5-6小时的路程。但是,实际上双胞胎省内格罗斯东方省的杜马格特机场距离酒店还差一点。区别是’不过,您可以选择价格更便宜或更适合您的行程中的任何一个。


  1. At the airport, you may take a shuttle/van (P150) but it will terminate 在 SM City 巴科洛德 . 如果你’不要独自旅行或携带沉重的行李,最方便的方法是直接乘坐出租车或GrabTaxi到South Ceres汽车总站并分摊费用。车费:大约P250(如果使用仪表)。
  2. At the South Ceres Bus Terminal, hop into the bus going to Hinoba-an or 西帕莱 . There’s one almost every hour. Travel time: 5 hours. Fare: P209 (non-aircon bus), P253 (aircon bus).
  3. Tell the driver to drop you off in 西帕莱 (if you take the Hinoba-an bus).
  4. From 西帕莱 bus station, take a tricycle to your hotel or resort. 如果你r hotel is in the city center, you can go on foot. If it’在城市外的海滩上,乘坐三轮车。车费:每人P150。


  1. From the airport, take a tricycle to Dumaguete Ceres Terminal. Fare: P100-P300, depending on your nego skills. 您 may also get out of the airport vicinity and ride a multicab to the city center.
  2. At Dumaguete Ceres Terminal, board the bus going to 西帕莱 . Fare: around P290. If there are no direct buses to 西帕莱 , you may take a bus to Hinoba-an and transfer to another bus to 西帕莱 . Either way, the journey will take 4-5 hours.
  3. From 西帕莱 bus station, take a tricycle to your hotel or resort. 如果你r hotel is in the city center, you can go on foot. If it’在城市外的海滩上,乘坐三轮车。车费:每人P150。

Where to Stay in 西帕莱 City


西帕莱 ’s southern coast
  • 西帕莱 City Center。最方便的选择。可以在这里找到便宜的住宿和餐饮选择。作为城市的商业和交通中心,即使您选择留在其他地方,也很可能会在这个地区找到自己。蜂窝接收(信号)在这里很好。
  • 南部海岸。市中心南部的海滩上有几个度假胜地,其中许多都是高档的。崎stretch的伸展带隐藏了Tinagong Dagat,Punta Ballo甚至Perth Beach Resort的角落。如果您想放心,并且计划在大多数时间待在度假村,那么这可能是个不错的选择。但是,请注意,这些度假村中的许多度假村价格偏高。它也离市中心很远,除非您要求度假村为您租用三轮车,否则几乎没有转乘选择。度假村通常藏在远离主要道路的地方。锯齿状的地形也使进入您的房间成为耐力的考验。有些度假村根本不适合老年人入住。例如,就Easy Diving Resort和珀斯天堂度假酒店而言,客房和设施通过陡峭的楼梯相连。这里的蜂窝接收充其量是零散的,并且在某些区域不存在数据连接。但是,诸如Easy Diving之类的一些度假胜地免费为客人提供自己的移动互联网设备。
  • 糖海滩。西帕莱’最受欢迎的海滩。这是一个很好的选择’重新预算,但您想留在海滨。许多负担得起的度假胜地和饭店都在粉条旁。相对于南部地区而言,价格合理。不利的一面’非常僻静,因此,如果您还想探索南部海滩,则需要乘船和三轮车。这里的度假村包括塔卡图卡,浮木村和苏禄日落度假村。

Of the three, we recommend staying in the city center if you plan on seeing the most of 西帕莱 . Just visit 糖海滩 and the other coves on a day tour. This will save you time, effort, and money. 如果你 also plan on visiting 丹朱根岛 in neighboring municipality of Cauayan, the city center is the perfect base.

Best Hotels and Resorts in 西帕莱 City

这里 are the top-rated properties in 西帕莱 , as scored by Traveloka users. We picked one property in the south, one in 糖海滩, and two properties in the city center.

雅蒙特酒店(Sipalay City Centre)

杰蒙特酒店是您在市中心最好的选择,这意味着可以赢得交通’t be a problem. This is the top rated 西帕莱 property in poblacion.


查看价格& Availability


西帕莱 Jewel Guest House (City Center)

如果你’re not 马塞兰 你呢’re okay with just the bare basics, 西帕莱 Jewel Guest House may have a bed for you. Note though that the bedrooms are not air-conditioned and bathrooms are shared. It’不过,它的价格便宜,床在P200和P400之间。

查看价格& Availability





查看价格& Availability




查看价格& Availability



另一个负担得起的选择(但不是’t在Traveloka上列出)是Driftwood Village。它’因其低廉的价格和凉爽的氛围而在背包客中非常受欢迎。以下是他们的价格:


  • 适合2人:P900-1200
  • 适合4人:P1500
  • P1800-2000 6人份
  • 额外人员:每人300


  • 适合2人:P450-650
  • 宿舍床:每人P250


搜索更多: 西帕莱 Hotels


Places to Visit in 西帕莱


For non-divers, the beaches and coves are the highlight of any stay in 西帕莱 . Thankfully, most of them can be visited in one day, if you decide not to stay long. 您 can hop from one 在 traction to another in two ways:

  • 三轮车。三轮车是城市的主要交通方式。但是它们并不像您想象的那样普遍。在河床以外的地区’s seldom to find a passing tricycle. 您 will have to ask a hotel or resort staff to charter one for you. From the city center to anywhere outside, prepare P150-P200 每人。 Sometimes, the driver agrees to P250-P350 per 2 pax. Hence, it’最好租一整天的三轮车。 该城市的全天三轮车之旅费用为P1500(最多4人)。
  • 乘船。您可以在Poblacion海滩租船,将您带到三轮车游览的相同地点。费用相同:P1500。一世’我敢肯定,大多数度假村也提供跳岛游,但价格可能会更高。




入场费: P30


这是你’会发现这个具有标志性景观的游泳池。该度假胜地位于一个孤立的山坡上,游泳池是其中的一处。要进入游泳池,您将不得不攀登另一条台阶。我们实际上在这里住了一晚(P2500),但您也可以进行一日游。实际上,我仅建议您短暂访问。那里’s not much to do. It’s instagrammable,景色很美,但是那’s just about it.



另一片金色的沙滩。这是更高级的度假胜地,例如Easy Diving,Robinson Cruse Beach Resort和Artistic Dive Center。


西帕莱 ’最受欢迎的海滩。它’s a long strip of, uhm, sugary sand cut in half by a stream estuary. 糖海滩 most often refers to the half north of the river, cloistered from the rest of 西帕莱 . Directions to this beach can be quite overwhelming 在 first.


如果你’re on a tricycle tour, the tricycle is going to take you to the jump-off point near the mouth of the stream (far from the highway). From here, you will have to ride a boat to the other side of the stream (Boat fare: P50) then walk to the resort area. 您 can also charter a boat to take you straight to the resort area (Fare: P300).


The beach fronting 西帕莱 City Center. Make sure you end your tour here for two reasons. First, it faces west, making it a fantastic spot to watch the sunset. We did it on two consecutive nights and it was magnificent both times. Such a relaxing sight!

其次,平行运行在这个海滩是 西帕莱 Food Park,由几个inasal和烧烤场所以及小型食品亭组成。在这里吃晚饭!

Other Things to Do in 西帕莱 City

参观丹朱根岛。它’s a marvelous piece of paradise in Cauayan, the town next to 西帕莱 . The island has five lagoons, in two of which you can kayak. And you can snorkel to see its vibrant marine life including giant clams and massive corals. It’Negros Occidental的这一部分不容错过。从P1950开始的一日游(包括食物和船只接送)。更多信息在这里: 丹朱根岛

潜水。西帕莱 is a wonderful diving destination. Most beachfront properties south of the city center are also dive resorts, including Easy Diving and Artistic Dive Center. 如果你 don’他们还不知道如何提供入门课程。

Sample 西帕莱 Itinerary & Budget Breakdown

Below are two sample 西帕莱 itineraries. This itinerary assumes you’re a group of 2 and that you will be splitting the cost. 您 may follow these, but feel free to make changes to match your preferences and schedule.

Option A: 西帕莱 + 丹朱根岛


酒店安排: Stay 3 nights in 西帕莱 City Center (Ideal budget: P1400/night).

09:00 am – ETA 巴科洛德 -Silay机场
上午09:30 –乘坐出租车前往南航站楼– P130(P260 / 2pax)
上午10:00 –早午餐– P100
11:00 AM– Bus to 西帕莱 – P209
04:30 pm – Arrival in 西帕莱
下午05:00 –入住酒店
下午05:30 – Poblacion海滩的日落
06:30 pm – Dinner 在 西帕莱 Food Park – P150
08:00 pm –回到酒店休息

上午07:00–到Crossing Remollos的巴士– P30
08:00 am –到达雷莫洛斯/布拉塔海滩
06:00 pm –结束游览(P1950)
06:30 pm – Travel to 西帕莱
晚上08:00 –晚餐– P150
下午09:00– Lights out

08:00 am – Start 西帕莱 Beach-hopping – P750 (1500/2pax)
上午09:00 –糖海滩–船:P50
11:00 AM– Early lunch – P200
12:30 pm –蓬塔巴洛
02:00 pm –珀斯天堂海滩– P80入口+ P100泳池使用
下午04:30 – 丁贡达加特 – P30
06:30 pm – Dinner 在 西帕莱 Food Park – P150

上午07:00– Hotel check out
上午08:00 –前往巴科洛德的巴士– P209
下午01:00 –午餐– P150
02:00 pm –出租车到机场– P130(P260 / 2)
02:40 pm – 巴科洛德 -Silay Airport – P200码头费

此行程会让您流连忘返 P7500– P800 每人,不包括机票。


Option B: 西帕莱 Only (Budget)

此行程是预算版本。而不是去Danjugan,而是花一整天在Sugar Beach上放松。

酒店安排:在Sugar Beach住3晚(理想预算:P650 /晚,只有风扇)。

09:00 am – ETA 巴科洛德 -Silay机场
上午09:30 –乘坐出租车前往南航站楼– P130(P260 / 2pax)
上午10:00 –早午餐– P100
11:00 AM– Bus to 西帕莱 – P209
04:30 pm – Arrival in 西帕莱 City Hall
04:40 pm –三轮车跳下点– P50 (P100/2 pax)
05:00 pm –船到另一边– P50
下午05:10– Walk to resort
下午05:30 –酒店入住
下午07:00– Dinner – P200
08:30 pm –回到酒店休息

08:00 am – Start 西帕莱 Beach-hopping – P750 (1500/2pax)
09:00 am –珀斯天堂度假村– P80入口+ P100泳池使用
11:00 AM– Early lunch – P200
下午12:30 – 丁贡达加特– P30
02:00 pm –蓬塔巴洛
04:30 pm –回到糖海滩
下午06:30 –晚餐– P150

12:00 nn– Lunch – P150
02:00 pm –休息/放松
04:00 pm –再次游泳
下午07:00– Dinner – P150
下午09:00– Lights out

06:00 am –酒店退房
上午07:00–船到波普拉西翁海滩– P150 (P300/2pax)
上午08:00 –前往巴科洛德的巴士– P209
下午01:00 –午餐– P150
02:00 pm –出租车到机场– P130(P260 / 2)
02:40 pm – 巴科洛德 -Silay Airport – P200码头费

此行程将花费您 P4500-P5000 每人。


  • 交朋友. Tricycle and boat tours can accommodate up to 4 people. 如果你 form a group of 4, you can reduce your expenses significantly.
  • 某些地区的蜂窝接收(信号)充其量是不完整的。如果互联网连接对您来说很重要,请先联系酒店/度假村,并询问其连接选项(WiFi,提供商的蜂窝数据信号等),然后再完成预订。
  • 向您的度假胜地询问其财产的地形 如果您有健康问题或与老年人一起旅行。其中一些实际上是由楼梯制成的,对于不适合的人来说可能是非常具有挑战性的。
  • 如果你’重新入住糖海滩或市中心以外的任何地方,请在抵达之前提取现金。周围没有自动取款机。
  • 唐’如果您愿意,可以随时寻求帮助’re lost or confused。内格罗斯(Negros)人民是最亲切,最友善的人。

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[…]更详细的旅行指南在这里:SIPALAY BUDGET:旅行指南& Itinerary […]


[…]更详细的旅行指南在这里:SIPALAY BUDGET:旅行指南& Itinerary […]

爱丽丝·A /美国加利福尼亚



Hi! Paano naman po pauwi, 西帕莱 to Dumaguete?


Hi! I grew up from 西帕莱 and worked in Cebu for a while but that was 2 years ago. 这里’有关我之前的出行方式的一些信息,

There is actually a bus (Ceres Liner) leaving 西帕莱 going to Cebu early in the morning. The bus will pass through Dumaguete.

Another way will be from 西帕莱 , take a bus to Hinoba-an then take another bus from Hinoba-an to Bayawan City. Then you can ride a bus or van from Bayawan City to Dumaguete City.


嗨!问问在si silay约会的lang pag gabi na kung是否可以去度假村(例如去轻松潜水和海滩度假村)?谢谢!


I’m from 西帕莱 . Easy diving resort and other well known resorts are located in 蓬塔巴洛, Brgy 4 and it’s around 30 –距市区45分钟路程。对我来说’如果您要在晚上9点左右(甚至晚上8点)开始旅行,那会有点迟,因为那时三轮车/车辆的数量会减少。




提示:参观珀斯天堂和Tinagong Dagat(La Isla Bonita)度假胜地进行拍照。这些度假村位于前往蓬塔巴洛的途中。问你的司机=)


Rose Rama



请问可以从sipalay巴士站pabalik ng bacolod的bag gabi来吗?


你好。 Pano pag ayaw mo mag book ng room?提波磁悬浮2晚? Pwede po ba yun? H